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Solar Off Grid System

Wondering why you don't see a price for these solar systems? 


We realized, every household and business needs are different. Why sell you a system that may be too large for your needs? That can only result in you spending more money than you need to. 

That's why, when you come to us for a solar system, we send you a load detail sheet to fill out. 


The load detail sheet gives us the information we need to size a solar system for your needs. 

What information do we need to give you a cost?

By filling out the load detail, you're letting us know how many appliances you have, the type of appliance, the run time of the appliances, and your preferred amount of battery back-up.   

We can then work with you to further customize the system. If you decide you don't want to start off with a large system for your whole house, no problem. Let's start smaller and work our way up. 

We'll create a system so that in time to come, you'll simply need to add more batteries and solar panels. 

We need to create a more sustainable future, and this is one very important way. 

Some of the main features of a solar system include

The Charge Controller

BR Solar Charge Controller.PNG

The Inverter

BR Solar Inverter.PNG
BR Solar Inverter Features.PNG

The Batteries

BR Solar Batteries.PNG
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