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Solar Off Grid System

Help us design a solar system for your needs!

What we need from you:

A Completed Load Detail

What is this?

It is a sheet that allows us to know what appliances you have (for e.g. lights, refrigerators, fans, televisions, the run-time of the appliances and the amount of battery back-up you require. We use this information provided to size a solar system specific to your needs. This lets us provide you with a cost. 

We can then work with you to further customize the system. If you decide you don't want to start off with a large system for your whole house, no problem. Let's start smaller and work our way up. 

Get started today!

Click on the link here to fill out our Load Detail Sheet. 

Some of the main features of a solar system include

The Charge Controller

The Inverter

BR Solar Charge Controller.PNG
BR Solar Inverter.PNG

The Batteries

BR Solar Batteries.PNG
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