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It's not the prettiest unit, but what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in use. Isn't that the important thing? 


These units are perfect for smaller loads, and come in several sizes: 


500W All in One Solar Generator

1000W All in One Solar Generator 

2000W All in One Solar Generator 

3000W All in One Solar Generator


Do you have a garden, and would like to be able to have some lights, a fan, and to charge your phone? Our 500W is a great option!


See below an average load detail showing what each of these units can power. Please note that it comes down to the amount of power your appliances use, for us to advise you on which unit is suitable for your needs. 



2000W Load Detail.PNG
500W Load Detail.PNG
1000W Load Detail.PNG
3000W Load Detail.PNG
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